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2017-03-16, 19:59

Välsigna vattnet i världen 22 mars

Give Thanks for Water and for Life

Join us as we come together to Bless The Water around the World on March 22 for World Water Day. Gather at your local water source, or homes, and place good intentions and prayers into the Water. Let’s stand in solidarity with the World’s Water Protectors and take the first step towards cleaning and restoring the world's water.

Let's celebrate the sacredness of water together. Register now to watch the FREE UPLIFT film 'WATER is LIFE: you are what you drink' and to listen to the Live AUDIO BROADCAST from Unify

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2017-03-17, 18:03

Mycket viktigt! Jag är med från håll ❤️

2017-03-17, 18:56

samma här 🌺

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