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The Extraordinary Life of Daniel Dunglas Home

2019-10-01 20:16 #0 av: Maikailoa

The Extraordinary Life of 

Daniel Dunglas Home - 

(A Documentary by Dr Keith Parsons).

"Daniel Dunglas Home (pronounced ‘Hume’) was a Scottish medium who started having visions and contact with spirits from a very young age. Brought up in the United States, he was turned out of the house as a teenager since his physical manifestations disturbed his religious mother. He became one of the most significant physical mediums of all time and charmed the entire aristocracy of Europe and many other famous people with his remarkable phenomena. But sceptics could not abide this man and challenged him.

Was he authentic or not? This documentary will help you decide. "

2019-10-01 23:36 #1 av: Jane-Lyzell

Tack - intressant 

Sajtvärd på spiritualism.ifokus.  Min hemsida   "Jag Är"



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