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från min bok
I lie in bed down in the village, there's something upstairs. An
invisible voice says;
–“Hold my hand”!
I'm pressing an invisible hand, something is coming down the stairs.
–“Do not look”, the voice says. I close my eyes, squeeze the hand
and I am frightened. This something is coming down the stairs into
the hall, I hear the front door open and close. I open my eyes, the
voice says;
–“Get out to the kitchen”.
I rise and go to the kitchen, slowly I walk against the window and look
out. I see a transparent creature, as heat waves above a warm road,
but in the form of a body. It goes against the car, touches the back
door of the car and then disappears down the driveway.
The voice says;
–“Drink it up”!
I take a glass of water and drink. A few days later, I see a small cloud
of those waves in the kitchen. I have better drink them up too I think
and take a glass of water.


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